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We Know Our Readers
The editors and marketing staff at All American Crafts keep in touch with readers at shows and markets and via email and social networking. This continuing familiarity with our readership allows us to constantly refine our titles to directly reflect the passions and fill the creative needs of people who share our niche interests. We have been successful in appealing to the creative spirit of targeted groups of readers to form a long association with our titles. Our readers' trust in our titles then extends directly to our advertisers.

Because All American Crafts publishes strictly niche magazines, we have been able to establish greater reader involvement than many generalist publications. Our readers are active crafters and artisans—truly an involved and focused market.

The Benefits of Targeted Advertising
All American Crafts has an international readership of artistically engaged and focused people who are actively planning, purchasing, or otherwise developing different aspects of their creative passions. Our magazines provide highly motivated readers with the information and product coverage to make that happen. Social networking strengthens our relationship with our readers and helps us maintain the highest degree of reader involvement to create the right connections for advertisers.

Turn our readers into your customers! As our titles contain specialized content, they capture a highly engaged readership. For advertisers, this means a direct (and very efficient) connection to a target market when it is at its most receptive.

Advertise With Us
All American Crafts publishes numerous titles in the craft market (quilting, knitting, wood crafting, decorative painting, general crafting, beading, and scrapbooking/paper crafting). Our range of titles enhances our ability to reach more crafters and artisans, and allows us the flexibility to facilitate marketing solutions for any business. When you place an ad with us, you can feel confident in knowing that your message is being read by people who have an active interest in and passion for their craft.

We offer a variety of print display ad sizes to help you meet your objectives and create brand awareness. We also offer advertising on our title websites. All of our websites and corresponding social networking pages are viewable on smart phones and tablets, meaning your ads are accessible any time and any place.

Display Advertising Specifications

Dimensions given are for live matter. Actual trim size of magazine is 8-1/4” x 10-7/8”.
Non-Bleed ads: Keep all images and copy within non-bleed dimensions.
  Full Page Trim 8-1/4” W x 10-7/8” H
  Live Area 7-5/8” W x 10-1/4” H
  2/3 Page Horizontal 7-1/4” W x 6-3/8” H
  2/3 Page Vertical 4-3/4” W x 10” H
  1/2 Page Horizontal 7-5/8” W x 5-1/8” H
  1/2 Page Vertical 3-3/4” W x 10-3/8” H
  1/2 Page Digest Size 4-3/4” W x 7-1/8” H
  1/3 Page Horizontal 7-5/8” W x 3-3/8” H
  1/3 Page Vertical 2-1/2” W x 10-3/8” H
  1/3 Page Square 5-1/8” W x 5-1/8” H
  1/4 Page 3-1/2” W x 4-7/8” H
  1/6 Page Horizontal 4-3/4” W x 2-3/8” H
  1/6 Page Vertical 2-3/8” W x 4-7/8” H
  1/8 Page Horizontal 3-3/8” W x 2-1/4” H
  1/12 Page 2-1/4” W x 2-1/4” H

For Full-Page Bleed:
Add 1/8” all around to Trim size, keeping ad copy within Live area.

For Bleeds on 1/2 Page Ads:
The dimensions for horizontal ads are 8-1/2” W x 5-1/4” H.
The dimensions for 1/2 page vertical ads are 3-7/8” W x 11-1/8” H.

For Bleeds on 1/3 Page Ads:
The dimensions for horizontal ads are 8-1/2” W x 3-1/2” H.
The dimensions for 1/3 page vertical ads are 2-1/2” W x 11-1/8” H

Printing Process:
WEB Offset
If you need to supply your ads on film, please call for details.

Publisher's Services:
Display ad rates apply to camera and digital ready ads meeting size and publication standards.
Any ad needing repair, correction, or size alteration will be assessed a $35/hour charge plus materials charge.
Ad layout services are available. Please call Kelly Albertson at (973) 347-6900 ext. 148 for more information.

Additional Charges (Non-Commissionable to Agency):
Half Tones • Strip-Ins • Line Shots • Typesetting • Color Separations and Color Proofs • Reverse Out Type • Key Codes

Please follow these requirements if submitting your ad digitally:

We encourage you to send your ad as a PDF file.

The programs we are currently using are Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, and QuarkXpress for Macintosh.

We prefer ads to be laid out in QuarkXpress. Make sure that you include all images and fonts (both screen and printer) used in your ad. If you are using any other page layout program, you must convert your file to either a PDF or EPS file. Be sure you convert all images to CMYK before printing.

If you are creating ads in Adobe Illustrator, make sure you include all linked images and convert all type into outlines.

All images used in ads must be a minimum of 300 DPI.

If you are creating your ads in Adobe Photoshop, please include a flattened version saved in either .TIFF or Photoshop EPS format.

Please do not use dcs images in your ads. You must convert all dcs images in Photoshop to .TIFF or Photoshop .EPS images.

For PC users, we can only accept TIF, JPG, PDF, and EPS files. You must be able to save the final version of your ad in one of these formats. If you need any assistance, please contact Kelly Albertson at 973-347-6900 ext. 148.

If you are using Corel, save your document as an Illustrator EPS image and convert all type to outlines.

If you are using Pagemaker or InDesign, you must export your files as PDFs. Make sure that you do not downsample your images to 72 DPI when you export.

Remember: Make sure to include all images and fonts on your disk.

We encourage you to send your ad as a PDF file.

All color ads must be accompanied by a color-accurate proof. This means the proof must be a true continuous-tone proof. We will accept an Iris proof, a Digital Match print, a Rainbow proof, a Kodak approval, or an Agfa Sherpa proof. Color prints from a desktop inkjet printer do not qualify as proper proofs and cannot be accepted as true representations of color.

All proofs must be in CYMK (four-color process) format.

Failure to supply one of the approved forms of color proof exonerates All American Crafts from all color issues. Remember that what you see on your screen is not necessarily the way the ad is going to look on a printed page. If it is necessary for us to create a color proof, you will be billed accordingly.

You may e-mail your ads. Please make sure you include all the necessary files associated with your ads. Make your ads either JPG, PDF, or EPS files. They may be compressed as .SIT or .ZIP before sending. If you e-mail us your ad, we still require that you provide us with a color proof. Ads can be e-mailed to Please be sure to include contact information and specify in which magazine and issue the ad is to appear.

It is the advertiser’s responsibility to make sure that the ad material is sent in correctly and that everything needed is included. If you have any problems or questions concerning your ad, please contact Kelly Albertson at (973) 347-6900 ext. 148. Please make every effort to have your ad material to us as early as possible.

Please send all non-e-mailed ads to Mary DeLaOsa, All American Crafts, 7 Waterloo Rd., Stanhope, NJ 07874.

Contact Ad Reps

Bead Design Studio Sally Finnegan
Russell Cohen
(513) 941-8790
(973) 347-6900 ext. 119
Carving Brett Cohen (973) 347-6900 ext. 115
Create & Decorate Sally Finnegan
Carol Newman
(513) 941-8790
(570) 395-3196
Creative Woodworks & Crafts Brett Cohen (973) 347-6900 ext. 115
KNITstyle Victor Domine (973) 347-6900 ext. 114
PaintWorks Sally Finnegan (513) 941-8790
Paper Creations Victor Domine (973) 347-6900 ext. 114
Quilt Trends Carol Newman (570) 395-3196
Scrapbooking & Beyond Victor Domine (973) 347-6900 ext. 114
The Quilter Carol Newman (570) 395-3196
Woodturning Design Brett Cohen (973) 347-6900 ext. 115